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This section contains all currently available information in English. Some files are language-neutral, most cover graphics feature German text only.


Neutral screens for self-printing and cutting.
Format DIN A4, colored:
» Ostia Screens (PDF, 109 KB)


English rules:
» Tallinn Rules.pdf (PDF, 9 MB)
English rules for 5-6 players:
» Tallinn Rules 5-6 Players.pdf (PDF, 1 MB)

Blind Hen (2015)

English rules:
» Blind Hen Rules.pdf (PDF, 10 MB)
English rules for the “Majorities” expansion:
» Blind Hen Rules Majorities.pdf (PDF, 3 MB)
English rules for the “Mouse & Hawk” expansion:
» Blind Hen Rules Mouse and Hawk.pdf (PDF, 3 MB)


English rules:
» Visby Rules (PDF, 1 MB)
English player aid:
» Visby Overview (PDF, 830 KB)
Additional Seal Card with 31 through 60 seals:
» Visby Seal Card (PDF, 180 KB)
Game plan »Winter Merchant«:
» Visby Winter Merchant (PDF, 1.5 MB)
Cover graphics for DIN A6 box:
» Visby Cover (PDF, 1 MB)

Marchia Orientalis

English rules:
» Marchia Orientalis Rules (PDF, 1.6 MB)
Cover graphics for DIN A4 box:
» Marchia Orientalis Cover (PDF, 678 KB)

Speicherstadt® Hamburg

Cover graphics for different box sizes:
» Speicherstadt Box Large (PDF, 311 KB)
» Speicherstadt Box Square (PDF, 291 KB)
» Speicherstadt Box Small (PDF, 257 KB)

Monuments – Eternal Fame

Scoring board:
» Monuments Scoring Board (PDF, 170 KB)
English rules:
» Monuments Eternal Fame Rules (PDF, 135 KB)


Variant for 2 players:
» Ostia 2-Player (PDF, 118 KB)
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